Is there a character based on Arnab Goswami in Star Plus ‘Maharaj Ki Jai Ho’?

StarPlus’ popular science-fiction comedy show ‘Maharaj Ki Jai Ho’ is winning audience appreciation from all over. The one of a kind science fiction comedy has successfully tickled the funny bone of viewers across age groups. With its artistic adaptation of prehistoric Hastinapur and a comical narrative, the show depicts quirky solutions to obstacles in the path of King Dhritarashtra aided by Sanjay. It seems the makers are all set to introduce one more interesting character in the series, the funny part being it seems that they have drawn inspiration from an eminent personality of today’s era!

This one-of-its-kind unique combination of science fiction and mythological comedy has been presenting a humorous take on real-world scenarios distinguishing this entertaining proposition in today’s tumultuous times. Maharaj Ki Jai Ho not only accentuates topics such as demonetization, 20:20 IPL tournament and Beauty Pageant in the era of Hastinapur but also brings a unique concept of its characters in the show being inspired by the real people of today’s times. The show is all set to showcase an intriguing character based on one of the most popular journalists of all time. Well, we are talking about none other than the notable journalist and the founder of Republic TV – Arnab Goswami. Yes, you have heard it right! A character inspired by Arnab Goswami a man who is a strong orator, influencer, and a force to reckon with in the field of journalism, will soon be seen in the show, exciting isn’t it! This madcap comedy from the makers of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai & Khichdi is bringing a much-needed dose of laughter for viewers as the entire nation is fighting the global pandemic.

Premiered on 23rd March, the artistic rendition of historical city Hastinapur along with the excellent performances by the talented star-cast that include Satyajeet Dubey, Nitesh Pandey, Rajesh Kumar, Monica Castellino, Riya Sharma, Akash Dabhade and Ashwin Mushran unravel the intrigue around the show.

We are sure the viewers are enjoying a trip back in time with a pinch of humor and nutty side of life’s current scenario in India as Maharaj Ki Jai Ho will continue to entertain them with its remarkable presentation!

Tune in to Maharaj Ki Jai Ho every Monday-Friday at 9:00 pm only on Star Plus!