It is important to be versatile than get complacent with monotonous roles

Actor Amitriyaan, who was last seen playing an intense role in Shiv Hare’s musical film Atkan Chatkan. The actor said, “I never have any qualms when it comes to experimenting with my roles and getting into different character. Being versatile is satisfying as an actor than doing monotonous roles throughout your career. I was offered similar roles after Satya 2 and Rajwade & Sons. I didn’t feel like repeating those roles even when those characters were loved by people. I prefer staying jobless and work on something else than repeating myself. Once you get trapped in particular image it’s tricky in our industry to get out of it.” Music maestro AR Rahman told the director Shiv Hare, how impressed he was by Amitriyaan’s role in the film Atkan-Chatkan. Rahman wanted to know who this talented actor is and when he saw his real look, he was surprised.

Amitriyaan said, “I feel it is an asset to your career, when people recognise you for your roles. So many times earlier, too, I have heard people talk about my character and fail to recognise me in public. I feel it is an honour that people remember you for your work. In case of star sons and established actors, they have been promoting the character and film so much, that masses easily connect with them and can identify them. However, recently people have started recognising my work and I have also established a certain fan base.”

He also adds, “It would have been easy for me, like others to choose typical soft roles and earn my fame. But, I was advised by my seniors from theatre group to always seek content-based, meaty roles.”

Amitriyaan’s future line of films include Peshwar and Dirty Heroes. He said, “I am playing the psycho Pakistani terrorist in Peshawar and in Dirty Heroes I play an honest police officer who is continously fighting with his inner demons having grey shades. Both are totally different roles and I hope people give those characters as much love as they have to my films earlier.”