It was a new learning experience for our crew to shoot through these restrictive times: Shantanu Maheshwari

World of Dance champions Shantanu Maheshwari and his crew the Desi Hoppers have come out with an amazing dance version of their own, featuring the World of Dance special song.

Shantanu and the boys have showcased some stellar moves and grooves through this music video for the World of Dance team, which has already been winning a lot of hearts on social media!

While the video looks brilliant and perfect on screen, putting it together was quite big a challenge for Shantanu and the crew who have had to shoot it through the lockdown.

Speaking about the challenges of shooting through the pandemic and lockdown, Shantanu shares,”Our bond with the World of Dance team has been long running and a great one, so we decided that showcasing their song in our own style and way through this music video was definitely something we should do! It was initially quite a challenge to get all our crew members together as not all of them stay in Mumbai, which eventually led to only 4 of us being a part of the video, due to the lockdown and pandemic restrictions. From organising a full fledged shoot crew to the location and costumes was all quite tough to plan in the short span of time that we had. We had initially also planned to set routines and rehearse via zoom, but it was becoming tough as the rehearsals required us all to be together, so eventually we had to step out and find ourselves a rehearsal hall to rehearse at together. We also had to travel outside of Mumbai to shoot the video for a wider and bigger space, so looking after the travel aspect for all the crew members was another challenge altogether. Even maintaining social distancing in between shots, ensuring that we all had our masks on when not shooting and prioritizing every cast and crew members hygiene and health was what we thoroughly took care of throughout. It was a task to get the whole product to look like the final outcome, but it was a new learning experience for our crew to shoot through these restrictive times.”

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