Its Superhero Time: Logan and Power Rangers Trailer is here!
Its Superhero Time: Logan and Power Rangers Trailer is here!

Its Superhero Time: Logan and Power Rangers Trailer is here!

Two trailers of the much awaited Superheroes movie finally released!! One is the Popular watched children TV series “Power Rangers” and the other is “Logan,” which is the sequel to 2013’s ‘The Wolverine’, and reportedly Hugh Jackman’s last movie as the popular X-Men character.

The ‘Power Rangers’ movie directed by  Dean Israelite, stars Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, Becky G, Bill Hader and Naomi Scott. The trailer which is two minutes twenty one seconds long gives us the perfect glimpses of our favourite characters. The trailer gives us a nostalgia view of the show we grew up watching!!

With Elizabeth Banks as villain Rita Repulsa slaying with her monstrous partners and a cast of relatively unknown but promising young actors taking up the Ranger roles, this trailer has left us even more eager to watch the movie!!

The second trailer of the sequel to 2013’s ‘The Wolverine’- ‘Logan’ reveals Laura Kinney (also known as X-23 and played by newcomer Dafne Keen), a small girl who’s a fan of the X-Men comic books, and behaves a lot like ‘Wolverine.’ Laura is seen doing wacky stunts alongwith Wolverine, whereas Wolverine doesn’t seems much thrilled about Laura’s actions. As per reports, the comics used in the movie aren’t actual X-Men books and were specially created for the movie.

Panosian—who’s provided art for a variety of real Marvel comics, from ‘X-Men’ to ‘Captain America’, to ‘Web of Spider-Man’, to the recent ‘Daredevil’ ongoing—drew the cover, one of around 12 he did for the film, as well as providing the interior story work on the comic that Logan flicks through while mocking its inaccuracy to the “real” events of the X-Men’s adventures.

‘Power Rangers’, directed by Dean Israelite, will open on March 24, 2017. While ‘Logan’, directed by James Mangold, will hit the theaters a few weeks earlier on March 3rd, marking the end of Jackman’s stint as Wolverine.

Watch the two trailers here and tell us what you think about them in the comments below!!