Jason Shah: I don’t regret giving cricket up

Actor Jason Shah is a big fan of cricket and is making sure to catch as many IPL matches as he can. The actor was also a cricketer but had to give it up. Talking about it, he says, “I played cricket in Australia for 1 year when I was 17 years old. I completed A level Coach of Diploma from the Queen’s land of cricket. I never wanted to play for the Australian Team. I always wanted to play for the Indian Team but I could because of an English passport.”

He adds, “I don’t regret my decision of giving up cricket as sometimes life takes you on different roads. Initially, what you start with might not be the best for you and you might not end with it. I really had a desire to play but I later found it to be full of politics and other stuff. My father was also putting pressure on me to join the family business. So, then I took a
different path in my life.”

Ask him who he loves to see play, and he says, “My favourite cricketer is Kohli. He is an outstanding cricketer with enthusiasm. He is ready to accept the challenges.”

Talking about his love for the game, he says, “I am watching IPL and I support Mumbai Indians. We play cricket in our building and some or other turfs in our area. I play other sports like football, tennis etc too. I love to play sports.