Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence spends New Year's Eve drunk and disappointed.
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence spends New Year’s Eve drunk and disappointed.

Jennifer Lawrence spends New Year’s Eve drunk and disappointed.

Jennifer Lawrence is known for her spunky attitude both on and off screen. The actor has often proved that before being a star she was just a next door girl.

In a recent interview on The Graham Norton Show, JLaw revealed that she isn’t looking forward to the New Year and neither has she got any plans to celebrate it. She showed her contempt towards it by saying that she always hated New Year celebrations, as reported by aceshowbiz.com.

“I really hate it. I’ve never had a good one – everyone’s chasing a good time and it’s always a disappointment. I plan on doing nothing and then if something lands in my lap… but I always end up drunk and disappointed,” she told the show’s host Graham Norton.

“‘Drunk and Disappointed’ should be the title of my memoir!” she added.

During the show, the 25-year-old actor also opened up about her puking problem.

“When I get stressed and exhausted, I just vomit,” she said.

“I was driving with my publicist the other day and had to roll down the window and I puked all down the side of the car. It was in front of all the paparazzi – I painted New York! And I threw up at Madonna’s party – on the porch!” she told Norton on the show.

JLaw admitted that she apparently threw up everywhere, including at a party hosted by singer Madonna. But guess what she wasn’t the only star who puked at Madonna’s Oscar party. The Danish Girl actor Eddie Redmayne also admitted that he puked that night in Madonna’s party.

“This is something I have never admitted to the world, but I puked at Madonna’s party too!” Redmayne told Lawrence.