“Jugnu’s braided hairdo was created by my mother,” says Vaishnavi Prajapati

For actors to fit perfectly into their character, their look on the show plays a very important role. While putting a great show together, all creative brains work on minutiae details which includes the look of the artist. Jugnu played by Vaishnavi Prajapati, the core character on COLORS’ latest show Pavitra Bhagya, has a different story to narrate on how her character’s look was visualized. 

Pavitra Bhagya showcases Jugnu as a strong, feisty kid who takes on the world with her fierce attitude. Jugnu’s belief in the show is not to take things lying down. A strong talking point and a much-appreciated hairdo helped her achieve a great overall persona. Interestingly, it was all thanks to Vaishnavi’s mother, who was experimenting with her hair on the sets and everyone immediately loved how she looked.  

Talking about it Vaishnavi Prajapati said, “My mom loves experimenting with my hair. She keeps trying new hairstyles for me all the time. Ever since childhood, my mother has always managed to make a new hairstyle for each of my activities be it at school or any other activities. One day, she tied up my hair in small braids and caught Pavitra Bhagya’s maker’s attention and they loved it. That’s how Jugnu’s look and the highlight of the character came to existence, all thanks to my mom, I can pull off this fun character of Jugnu so well.”