Kabir Singh fame Kunal Thakur talks about his birthday plans!

1. How you are celebrating your birthday this year?
> This year I am going to Turkey,I will be in Istanbul on my birthday. I have celebrated most of my birthdays in Dubai and even in London and from two to three years I have been celebrating it in Mumbai. So London, Dubai and Mumbai are three places where I have celebrated my birthday. I am extremely excited to celebrate it this year in a different country with a different vibe, so I am looking forward to it.

2. What you feel about the age and maturity?
> I think age surely is just a number, I keep the child inside me very much alive. Maturity comes from incidents that take place in your life and they could happen at any given point in your life. For example you are 19 year old teenager and you go through an incident which is very heavy then you will gain maturity and wisdom early in your life. The incidents and the experiences that you go through in your life makes you a mature person. Age is just a number, there can be a 40 year old man who is immature in compared to a person who is 30 or 35 year old or someone who is just 19 year old.

3. Any memorable birthday memories from your childhood please share.
> Abu Dhabi was the city where I was born and raised, so my mom and dad used to call my friends over for birthday evening dinner where we used to even give return gifts for coming and it was a good experience as a child so I remember this very clearly. Of course after growing up I celebrated my birthday with my parents and friends. With friends its a different space altogether when everyone goes out celebrating drinking, enjoying themselves, dancing , its a good space to be in. Everyone comes together so it gets a little difficult to give attention to everyone. Sometimes birthdays get hectic because you are more busy into checking whether all the things are going well. But now I don’t like to celebrate such birthdays, I like it to be a lot more calm and centered and with very few people whom I can chill with. I love birthday wishes, I get very happy when people wish me and they send love and presents. I think what you sow is what you reap, so I have also gone out and have made it special for a lot of my friends in terms of their birthdays or their success, in terms of whatever they have achieved in their life. I have even supported a lot of my friends in the times when they have been down so I feel integrity of a friend which I have played in Kabir Singh is what I have been in real life as well. A guy who stands with his friend regardless of what they are doing, I have always been that friend.

4. What are you gifting yourself?
> I would love to gift myself a phone

5. Any birthday rituals you follow every year. What you would like to wish for yourself on your birthday?
> I love to go and visit some NGO’s where they take care of animals, old people, people who are less abled, I like to visit them and provide them a meal. I remember once I had visited HIV positive kids in Pune in some village, so I would plan to do that again. A couple of my friends have gone out there and provided meals to these children from different cities and that was their form of giving me a present which was very touching. I don’t flaunt these things on social media as that’s what I don’t believe in. I believe that one should do their deed and keep it with themselves so it grows more.