Kanika Maheshwari’s story behind her name change is rather amusing!

Over the years,  Bollywood & television actors alike have changed the way their names are spelled, most of the times as advised by their spiritual leaders for luck or other reasons best known to them.

Television actress Kanika Maheshwari of Diya Aur Baati Hum fame wrote her name as Kanica (replaced K with C) on all social networking sites. While we may believe this could be on the basis of the alignment of stars or astrology, Kanika has a rather funny story behind it.

Kanika laughs giving a sweet warning, ‘You better not judge me after what I’m about to tell you.

She shares, ‘Basically I come from a family of accountants, majority of them have a degree of Chartered Accountant barring me of course. So we would all joke about it at home when I pursued acting. I was about 15 back then & decided to go with the name Kanica, replacing the K with the C & would tell them even I have a CA tag attached to my name. It was very juvenile but I stuck around with the name for a long time now. It was harmless & had a funny story behind it so didn’t find it necessary then.

But the actress will now go back to her original name, ‘I’m pretty much Kanika on official documents but on social media, I received a lot of messages of people being redirected to another account so It was important to keep the original name to avoid any further confusion.