Kapil’s Comedy Nights Live is making to headlines, and here’s why

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Kapil Sharma is very much excited like everyone else about the premiere of Comedy Nights Live on Sony Entertainment Television in April 2016. Albeit the “restrictions” Colors TV has put on the upcoming show calling it “rights” of the channel (most absurb being that Kapil cannot be allowed to say “Babaji ka Thullu”), it is not able to stop Kapil’s baby from becoming all the more famous.


Rumor has it that Shah Rukh Khan is, himself, going to be inaugurating Kapil’s show. The bond between King Khan and Kapil grew stronger while hosting Fimfare Awards together. And since SRK’s movie “fan” is set to release around the same time in April, they must have thought about making it grander than ever!

When Preeti, Kapil’s Creative Partner, was asked if the rumor is true, she said “I cannot comment. I don’t want to get quoted.” Now if the rumor was untrue, the logical respond would be to say that it’s not true. So we are thinking it’s otherwise. Take it in your face, Colors, because it doesn’t get better than SRK himself inaugurating the much anticipated TV show.