Karishma Kishore gets candid about Darmiyaan

Karishma Kishore is out with her first music video production called Darmiyaan. Talking about the project, he says, “Out of nowhere, this came into my mind that I should produce a music video. I wanted to do a video on teens falling in love and then getting depressed after a break-up. It’s all about breaking your heart again and again until it opens.”

She adds, “A relationship goes through a lot of ups and downs. And what I believe is never fake falling in love. Whatever belongs to you is yours. My main aim was to highlight the reality of society. People say that they will quit their life after things like breakups. But life goes on, no matter what.”

The video is trending on YouTube and Karishma couldn’t be happier. “I’m super excited. I’m on cloud 9. This is my first project and I am so grateful to my team for making this a success. Especially executive producer who managed everything and my artists Raj, Harshita and Arishfa, all three are fabulous,” she says.

Talking about roping in playback Singer Yasser Desai for the number, she says, “I’m a big fan of Yasser Desai. I have heard his song and since them, I am in awe of him. For a moment I thought that he is Arijit Singh but after that, I researched and found out it was him. His voice texture is fabulous.”

The producer has a lot of interesting projects lined up. “I have 5-6 projects lined up. I’m also focusing on my movie. And the person who is playing the lead is a very big star. This film has been my dream and I will make sure it materializes,” he says.