Kavach actor Suraj Kakkar says, “Nervousness is like a wall, I like breaking it.”

While one might feel that actors are so comfortable on camera, such might not always be the case, says actor Suraj Kakkar. The actor, who has been part of shows such as Sanyukt, Kavach… Kaali Shaktiyon Se and Lajwanti, says that he also gets nervous every time he needs to step in front of the camera. “I came to Bombay when I was 19 years old and started working here. I was all alone here. In the first few weeks, I just observed how everything works, acting, auditions, camera, technical knowledge… so that I can plan my journey. I observed so much. I saw the plays. I saw performers using different crafts, methods in their acting, different acting skills. I realised that all this was hidden somewhere inside you and that I could also achieve all this. Thus, began the process of exploring emotions, and my evolution as an actor started taking place. I have done 6 workshops, 550 episodes in these 5 years. It was not like I never got nervous. That is a part of life. It’s like breaking a wall. The wall of nervousness is always there but you have to break that wall and I loved that. It pushed me towards my goal,” he says.

Suraj makes sure to keep polishing his craft regularly. “I started falling in love with acting. I learnt how to manipulate my emotions, I went to Tamil Nadu for a workshop, I did one in Delhi and four in Mumbai. My pattern has been like one show and then one workshop. I understood that I am young and have a lot of time. I get those kinds of roles also because I look young. So, if I have been able to learn so much now, I feel I can perfect myself in the future. When you are in front of the camera, your craft comes first. I have observed and learnt this. I am working towards that. It’s an endless process. I see great opportunities coming up for me,” he says.

The actor says that he wants to try his hands at different roles. “I am 24 and I have played six roles yet, all in TV. Now, I want my own project as the lead as now I know I am ready and prepared to handle the show on my shoulders. I am quite disciplined when it comes to working. I am looking for web series and films, where ever I can fit. I can work according to the graph of the director’s, producer’s and the writer’s vision. I feel I can understand characters well. I listen carefully, observe and try to do what the writer and director want. I can play any character, I don’t want to limit myself to one type. I like playing negative characters, you can actually do a lot with these characters. You need to give those kinds of expressions and when your emotions come out, it’s really cool. I love playing negative characters. It suits me as well,” he says.