Recycling way of life for Keith Sequeira!

Actor, Model & VJ, Keith Sequeira has been spending more time at the gym & re-decorating his home post his exit from the show Udaan.
The actor who usually takes part in clean-up drives in & around the city confesses to having an OCD & is very particular about how things are arranged and how they look ; also he religiously follows the policy of best out of waste.
Keith shares, ‘I’m a hoarder of furniture & I never let go. I consider it a challenge to change things around while redecorating. I still have a lot of the things I purchased with my first paycheck or even the gifts given to me. They always find a place in my home.’
‘I started to do up the place before Rochelle moved in to give it a more “couple’s” feeling from a “bachelor’s” pad. I’m old school like that & believe in simplicity & functionality. And finally when she came home she added her “women’s touch” and the place just lit up .
Even though I read up a lot on trends , I prefer to keep reinventing/recycling old furniture pieces and not waste and do my part in conserving resources . In my free time I go through interior designing magazines & surf the internet . This time I stuck with rochelle’s idea of shabby chick and recently turned around a wooden table into a beautiful , classy Spanish tilled table .   Also this ends up being cost effective but more importantly creatively fulfilling and adds that extra special personal touch.
In times when actors have access to resources, Keith goes the conservation/recycling way of life “Home is my safe haven & I take more interest in how things should be, it is our space &  should reflect our personality and priorities . If not acting, maybe I would be an art collector, or an interior designer, maybe,’ Keith concludes.