Khalid Siddiqui wants to be fit enough to get a shirtless picture clicked  

Fitness was never of prime importance to actor Khalid Siddiqui, however, he admits that off late, he has been taking it more seriously. The actor says that some incidents in his life have made him realise the importance of keeping fit. “I had a decent physic but was never so fit. My current state is such that I am at the best stage of my life. There are things in my life that happened, which made me realise that being fit is very important,” he says.

Talking about his physical routine, he says, “I have a personal trainer, his name is Khusru. I give him a lot of respect and all the credit for getting me back in shape. As you grow older, it gets more important to take care of yourself. It’s more difficult to achieve that level of fitness. It is easy when you are young but as you grow older, your metabolism decreases. You have to work harder.

He adds, “My routine is like 3 days of weight training and 2 days of cardio. I have a friend who was very particular about her workout, so she was an inspiration to me as well.”

His regime is all about weight training and diet, says the actor. “I am not into any other kind of fitness like Yoga. I love weight training and cardio, to some extent, but no functional training or Yoga. Simple weight training, cardio and proper diet, that is what I go by. I do a maximum of 1 hour 15 mins of weight training and 14 mins of cardio over two days,” he says.

Talking about his diet, he says, “I am a big cheater, I do not follow 100% of my diet. I must be following only 70% of it. I wish I was that dedicated to following 100% of my diet, then my fitness level would have been somewhere else. But 70% is enough for me. I am looking forward to working harder and get my diet to a 100% without cheating, so that once in my lifetime I will be able to get a shirtless picture clicked!