King Singh Has Mishal Raheja Sweating

Mishal Raheja is back & how with his comeback show Kumkum Bhagya essaying a role different that what he’s done in the past of that of a rockstar singer.
Though the actor has been receiving positive feedback for his role & the show consistently retains its position in one of the top on Indian television, Mishal has been having a hard time to get into the skin of the character, find out why!
Mishal shares, ‘When I’m offered to play a part , I like to play it to the tee. When Kumkum was offered to me, I knew in my head how I wanted my character King Singh to look like & carry himself. He is successful, stylish & has a larger than life appeal. I personally went out with my stylist & looked for outfits. You’ll see me majorly in jackets, quirky accessories. But that is not exactly why am I complaining,’ he laughs.
‘We’re shooting in Mumbai & mostly outdoors & having to deal with layers of outfits in a weather like that of Mumbai is tough. I’m majorly sweating. When we break, the entire cast & crew is having a good time together, either lunching together or catching up on gossip or just having some fun, while I’m away trying to dry myself & getting out of the layers of clothing So it’s tough but I love the role & I’m currently immersed into the character & also relate to him in ways more than one.’