Krishna Bharadwaj on wearing a sari in Tenali Rama: I looked at myself and laughed

Well! if going bald was not enough, try going bald and draping a sari! Yes, that is exactly what happened with actor Krishna Bharadwaj, who plays the lead role in Tenali Rama. The actor had to wear a sari in the show and the reaction that he got was quite hilarious. “I wanted to get dressed and come in with full makeup and hair and look like a typical girl. But I was in my Tenali Rama look when I wore the blouse and the sari. I am bald and I was wearing a sari, so it was looking very funny. I looked at myself and laughed, everyone on the set was laughing looking at me. It was quite funny,” he says.

While he enjoyed the sequence where he had to dress up as a woman, Krishna found it a bit challenging as well. “First of all, physically, my upper body was itching as the blouse was a bit tight. So, I was itching and I was putting my hands inside my blouse which was looking quite vulgar. Character-wise, I loved wearing a sari as I got to do a lot of things which I don’t normally do. I got to change my body language, my voice, etc. As an actor, I love playing different characters and I loved doing this one as well,” he says.

He adds, “Wearing the sari was not difficult at all as it was a navsari, which normally Maharashtrians wear. Also, it was a readymade sari wherein you just have to wear it like a dhoti. Wearing the blouse was a task as it was very tight. It’s quite difficult to breathe when you wear a blouse.”

The sari sequence made him think of Chachi Chaar Sau Bees. “This made me remember ‘Chachi chaar sau bees’, the way Kamal Hassan did the entire film in that look. Hats off to him. I wish I get to wear something like that, a totally drastic change from my real self,” he says.