Krishna Bharadwaj visits Ajmer Dargah

TV actor Krishna Bharadwaj was recently in Rajasthan to visit the Ajmer Dargah. The actor, who is originally from the desert state, told us, “It is my maiden trip to the Dargah. I have been planning for years, and finally, I could visit this place. It was really a blessed experience and I could feel a spiritual aura around me.”

Krishna is currently playing Pandit Ramakrishna in the TV show Tenali Rama where he sports a bald look. The actor said, “I was amazed to see people recognising me and getting pictures clicked with me. As my look at the current show is completely different, I thought no one will recognise me.”

So how difficult is it to play a bald character? “I don’t find it difficult now, but initially, I was full of apprehensions. Also, let me share the truth. I was myself not sure whether this show will continue for long. I shaved my head, and yes, there were lots of ifs and buts in my mind, but I was sure that I won’t compromise with my look. I am glad that the show has become a success and has been well received and appreciated by fans.”

But what about his female fan following, how have they taken to his bald look? Krishna shared with a smile, “In fact, my female fans find me cuter in my bald look! Recently, a female fan complimented me saying, ‘You look more handsome without hair’. I am also enjoying this look as it makes me stand out from the lot.”