Kumar Raj says that success in Bollywood is not dependent on Nepotism alone

Kumar Raj after having receiving over 199 International awards and accreditation across the globe has proved today, standing true to the fact that creating a space for yourself in the industry requires passion, consistent hardwork, extraordinary skills, belief in God and your ownself.

Being, a captain in shipping, by profession and producer-director by passion, he has proven that blood relations and nepotism in Bollywood are not necessarily the only route to succeed. After maintaining a fine balance between the two, he is today, one of the most recognized, successful & respected Producer-Director, world wide. He has constantly received accolades for his work. Not only that, the lead actress of his film, Rekha Rana has also won 40 International awards till date

Kumar Raj always respects the industry and truly believes that Bollywood salutes rising stars irrespective of what their parents do. There will always be partiality and nepotism in every profession and the privilege club will always co-exist . The fun is when you excel and go ahead of the people who completely depend on their parents to get them films & awards.

Sushant Singh Rajput was a supremely talented actor who was also very intelligent and extremely sensitive . He had become a star in the Bollywood industry by his perseverance and dedication without a Godfather.

Kumar Raj shares, “ Sushant Singh Rajput had visited my house once and he was so intelligent, creative, humble, full of dreams and ideas. He recently did a commercial for Syska Shavers with our feature film Tara’s lead actress Rekha Rana who played the role of Juliet and Sushant played Romeo in the advertisement. The debate on nepotism is a never ending discussion.”

Kumar Raj also sympathies with great actress Kangana Ranaut but speaking on the subject, shares, “Its easier said than done, each one loves his child and would go to any extent to see them excel in the profession they select and be happy, be it any stream. Tomorrow, if Kangana Ranaut has a child who would want to join bollywood, wouldn’t she as a parent want to support it every possible way. Yes she sure will & We all would”
He continues, “ In the Hindu epic Mahabharat, Dhritarashtra is the King of Kuru Kingdom with its capital Hastinapur, he wanted his son to be the future king of Hastinapur, the entire Mahabharat battle was fought with the core of nepotism.”

Kumar Raj intends to amplify the fact that each one has the potential and if it’s blended well with passion, integrity and hardwork, success is not far . He himself took a very different & difficult path and succeeded in a big way internationally in the film industry .

Tara feature film has received 199 international awards and 296 official selections world wide . Next the film Tara has been selected in Port Blair international film festival from Andaman & Nicobar Islands

At this port Blair international festival 2020, top film makers from worldwide are invited . The festival mission is to discover high quality and ambitious films, to promote work of top filmmakers and to help them realize their dreams.

Kumar Raj is very proud to be a very successful film maker recoginised for his films worldwide and his next film to be released is “Yahaan Ameena Bikti hai”