Kumar Raj’s feature film Tara wins four International awards at Five Continents International Venezuela in South America

Five continents International film festival 2020 was held at Puerto La Cruz , Venezuela in South America where the feature film “ Tara The Journey of Love & Passion” Produced & Directed by Kumar Raj & Rekha Rana in lead won four prestigious International awards in various categories.

The film Tara won Best Drama Feature Film Award ( Kumar Raj ) . Best Actress Award ( Rekha Rana ) . Best Production feature film Award ( Kumar Raj ) and Best Costume Design Award ( Pooja V ).

Rekha Rana also received Best actress award for the film Tara and she has received amazing total of 40 awards as Best Actress for the film.

When asked the producer-director Kumar Raj about his movie winning 4 awards he said, “It’s a great privilege that our feature film Tara is being selected for such an amazing prestigious festival in Venezuela . The organisers had kept the element of suspense and anticipation bubbling in the minds of people which was very professional & exciting because they support the works of artists all over the world, alongwith lots of opportunities also with a great organized event with an outstanding hospitality. I feel very blessed and honoured when my movie and it’s hardwork gets recognised as we bagged four prestigious International awards at one go, I and my team are very excited as we are making India & Bollywood very proud all over the world. I would really dedicate this of Best feature film awards to Prof K.H Pawar” added Kumar Raj.

Dr. Prof . K. H. Pawar is the script writer for the International AwardWinning Film “Tara- The Journey of Love and Passion..
Prof K.H Pawar along with being the reputed script writer of Bollywood is also a Professor who has done doctorate in English Literature, his maturity and wisdom make him a class apart, which was very well reflected in the film Tara .

Director -Producer Kumar Raj has dedicated this award to Prof K.H Pawar & he further said “Dr Pawar is a very matured and knowledgeable writer who is full of talent and he also has written & published many books. Bollywood is lucky to have such a well versed talented author who keeps the dignity & fame of Bollywood alive.”

Till now Kumar Raj’s Tara has been officially selected for more than 295 international film festivals and has received 199 international awards.
Kumar Raj’s next feature film “Yahaan Ameena Bikti Hai” is again based on a true story & will hit the theater soon.