Kunal Nirola on Friendship Day: I have been lucky to make friends wherever I have gone

For actor Kunal Nirola, his friends mean the world. The actor says that his friendships have helped him become a better person today. “Friendship is one of the most beautiful and powerful things that can flourish between human beings. Friendship can help to build you up or can even destroy you. Friendship depends on how you create it. I am a very jolly person and I make friends wherever I go. I have had so many friends and I was lucky enough as wherever I went, I made friends. These friends are a blessing to me. I am a person who gives his hundred percent even if one of the friends gives his ten percent. I start loving people and get very close to them and if something affects them then it also affects me. This is the beauty of friendship, it is like a family you create,” he says.

He adds, “I am from Punjab and I have stayed in Delhi, and now I am in Mumbai. I have my family of friends in Punjab, Delhi and now in Mumbai. Recently, one of my friends got married and she made me swear to attend her marriage, which is so cute and beautiful. Sometimes you need someone who pampers and supports you and it is where the beauty of friendship comes.”

Kunal says that his family members are also his best friends. “My parents are like my friends, especially my father as I share everything with him and he is my first friend. Even my mom and brothers are like my friends as I share even the stupidest thing with them. All of my friends are very close to me and I really love them. My college friends are in Bangalore and recently I had visited them and we all go on vacations. In a city where you know no one, friends make you happy. Friendship day is coming and you all should go and express your friendship to your friends,” he says.