Kunal Thakur on being part of commercials: Never felt overexposed

Actor Kunal Thakur has been part of many ads and loves it. The actor says that, unlike others, he has never felt overexposed. “I don’t really believe that it is overexposure for me, but it could be for someone as we all are different. Everyone has different faces and everyone has a different journey,” he says.

Talking about the ads he has been part of, he says, “I have done one ad with Myntra, OLX, GKB Opticals, where they have printed bags and have also done a hoarding for me. For TV commercials, I have done one with Oyo rooms which will be out very soon.”

The actor says some products are a complete no-no for him when it comes to endorsing. “I would not do a cigarette or a gutka ad for sure because I have a lot of issues with people who eat paan and then spit in our country and making it dirty,” he says.

Ask him how acting in ads is different than films or TV and he says, “Acting in films and ads are the same, where you should know where is your camera and where and how you are giving the expression, whom you are talking to…so you need to know your subtext. I will not go for much details as acting is acting.”

Talking about his favourite ad, he says, “I used to like one paint ad, I don’t remember which paint it was, but it was where they said- Naya Ghar, Nayi Gadi, Badiya hai and there one space comes which has been used as a joke point in one of the Salman Khan‘s films!”

Kunal Thakur was recently seen playing the role of Kamal, Kabir Singh’s best friend.