Latest Update about Sri Devi’s death case from Dubai Police

Dubai Police still investigating about Sri Devi’s death case, and interrogating her husband Boney Kapoor.  Police recorded the statement given by Boney Kapoor. 

The Dubai Public Prosecutor Office is yet to decide about been further continuing the investigation about Sri Devi’s death  or will issue a NOC (No Objection Certificate) for Late Sridevi’s mortal remains to embalmed.

Following are the more updates about the investigation; added Mr. Suri and said;  “We are working with local authorities to ensure that mortal remains can be sent to India at the earliest. We are on the job.”  Further he added to the same; “Our experience in similar cases tells us that it does take 2-3 days to complete processes.”

When a NOC will given  to the family, Sri Devi’s body will be embalmed.

Few more updates which received from the Dubai Police Forensic Department this morning are here: 

Tuesday, 9.40am 

Indian Consulate officials and family members of Boney Kapoor and Sridevi are waiting to receive a clearance letter from the Dubai Public Prosecution. 

Speaking to Khaleej Times, officials at Indian Consulate assured that the Dubai Police were following a usual protocol and not delaying the process. They need to be 100 per cent sure before handing over the body to the family. Considering the highly sensitive nature of the case, Dubai Police is leaving no stone unturned to help the family, said the official.  

Tuesday, 8.30am

Today is the third day after Sridevi’s death and her body is still in the mortuary in Dubai. Dubai Police has moved the case to Dubai Public Prosecutor and it needs clearance before being taken to the embalming unit in Muhaisna.