Mahendra Singh Dhoni is 'Still India's No. 1 Finisher', says Sunil Gavaskar
Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is ‘Still India’s No. 1 Finisher’: Sunil Gavaskar

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is ‘Still India’s No. 1 Finisher’: Sunil Gavaskar

India lost the first ODI against South Africa by five runs and it raised question marks on whether the India captain is still India’s best finisher in ODIs.

Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar, still believes that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is Still India’s No. 1 Finisher,

“Mahendra Singh Dhoni is still India’s No. 1 finisher. Obviously, as you get old your powers get less but that is the case with every profession and not just sports. Whenever there is a loss, we like to find a scapegoat and today the Indian captain is being made that, which is not right,” Gavaskar said in an interview.

“Please don’t point fingers at someone who has brought so many laurels to the country over the years. If there is one area where the Indian team has to improve, it is the bowling,” he added.

Gavaskar said that the way the bowlers were thrashed by the South Africans in the latter stages of the match showed that they didn’t want to learn from their mistakes.

“Bowling is a big worry for the Indian team in the current situation. Our bowlers got hit for 100-odd runs in the last 10 overs. It was sad to see that the bowlers, who have spent so much time with the Indian team were not confident in the death overs. I can understand that a yorker may go fuller, but if someone is bowling length balls that are getting clobbered into the stands then it seems that you are not ready to learn,” he said.

“And if you are not ready to learn then you have got no place in the team. I personally want to see Mohit Sharma in the team. He bowls well in the limited overs format and the death overs so he might be included. I also want Bhuvneshwar Kumar to get regular opportunities.”