Meet Our Talent Of The Week – Rising model Saavi Singh Chauhan !

Soft-spoken person, modest and stunning beautiful- meet our talent of the week Saavi Singh Chauhan…!

A 22 years old Saavi, first impression is a natural sparkle that she exudes and positively glowing. She lights up a room when she enters with full of energy and enthusiasm.

When she starts talking, you realize that this girl have lot of potential and desire to do something big in her life. There is a certain grounding, a certain set of values that shines through as she speaks and you begin to wonder how this pretty young girl changes into an audacious person for the cameras, her glances almost like an spontaneous shiver. At this contrast that sets saavi apart from the other models of Mumbai.


Little about Saavi and her family background!

Born on 15th August 1994, Basically from Lucknow (U.P) and a Rajput family her parents are into Government job. She went to Pursue her Engineering from Galgotias University, Greater Noida, where she was spotted by a modeling agency. She initially joined a grooming course and they asked her to give modeling a try. And that’s how it happened.

So she always wanted to get into modeling,that’s why she signed up for the grooming course?

Not at all, Saavi got selected in Infosys through her campus placement but then destiny has a way of finding you. She signed up for  a grooming course and then thought why not, let’s try it. She never thought of modeling before. Later, she went on to win a lot of  pageants,Face of India, Fashion Icon, Miss Delhi NCR etc.

A passionate and hard working girl,who is always ready to fulfill her dreams and choose what best for her, and try for something new in her life which would make her more different in the crowd. 

Among other prestigious assignments:

She did Designer shoots for Diwan Saheb, Abraxas Lifestyle Magazine, New ad and Face,Ramp Shows,Runway,Catalog, Editorial, Promotional,Casual, Lifestyle, Corporate print ads, hoardings and many more for Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Saavi moved to the city of dream-Mumbai a year ago to make it big as an actor. She got herself trained from Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting School.  

when we asked about her journey till here, she said, “It’s been very smooth, actually. It didn’t hit me in the sense that something happened to me, it was a smooth and a very slow process. And I really had a good time getting to where I am.”

She further mentioned that, “I’ve been living Independently since past few years, I’ve been helping my family  and I chose my career path by thinking first about what I’m good at and second about what I love to do. I know how to deal with disappointment in a way that keeps me from getting down and staying down. I decide what I want to do and then I just do it—simple and organized. I am continually improving myself, and use mentors and coaches to accelerate my improvement.”

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