Meet The Denmark Bhangra Queen - Christine!!
Meet The Denmark Bhangra Queen - Christine!!

Meet The Denmark Bhangra Queen – Christine!!

Meet The Denmark Bhangra Queen – Christine!!

Indian Culture is such a celebrated and Colorful one, that it attracts everyone who gets to know it!! This is the reason why people all around the world fell in love with the wide variety of Indian Cultural activities. Christine from Denmark/Germany is one such example!!

Christine Meier Nielsen

Christine Meier Nielsen

26 year old Christine from a small town in Southern Denmark, chose to go for Indian style dancing, instead of Salsa, jazz, Ballroom dancing, hip hop, etc. Christine’s mom wanted her to attain different type of western dance forms, but her daughter (Christine) was never fond of it!!


Christine said Western dance form was never her style!!

Joy for Christine was dancing!! She loved dancing and making people dance to her steps… She tried going for art and piano classes, but that interest too didn’t last for long.
She said,  “I forced my school friends to dance with me at any occasion in school… birthday parties, christmas parties. I loved making choreos, teach them to my friends. And best of all: perform to all those other kids, who got bored watching us (haha).”
At the age of 13, she started taking Belly dance classes. She always loved middle eastern music till she discovered Bollywood Style. And like everyone of us, she became a fan of our king of Romance ‘SRK’!!
Christine said, “My teacher showed us some few moves and songs, and i loved it! At the same time Bollywood movies started coming to Germany (I’m half German, so i used to watch german tv.) I fell in love with dancing and “singing” Shah Rukh Khan and kind of got addicted to the music.”

Busy with her studies, Christine had to stop her dancing for 10 years, as she didn’t find any good classes. After this period, she started taking Bollywood and Bhangra Dancing lessons, through which she found her true passion was Bhangra and nothing else!!


Christine thought she should learn this energetic dance form more precisely…for which she moved to India!!

She started taking Bhangra classes in Mumbai, where she fell in love with the music, the steps, the energy…..and the teacher. Yeahh!! The Teacher 😉

Christine fell in love with her dancer teacher. Talking about her love life, she said, “I came back to Denmark and stayed in touch with the teacher. Later on we fell in love and I came to visit him in Punjab. When i went there I fell in love again. But this time with Punjab. I loved the culture, the people, the different religions. everything. Coming from a very material world i felt it very relaxing to see, that there was more in life than material things.”



“Our relationship made us both travel between between Punjab and Denmark and we kept dancing. Since i have gotten many friends all over Europe through dancing we started going to different events in Scandinavia to teach people Bhangra. They LOVED it.  We started making videos. And people LOVED it. The concept of a “gori” dancing with a true Sardaar. So the positive feedback gave us positive energy and we kept going,” she further added.

Wow That’s Too Cute!!  

Christine loves to carry Punjabi suits and we must say “Gori Tainu Suit Suit Karda ;)”

Both Christine and her partner, take Bhangra dancing classes in Denmark and try to spread the dance form more widely among that country, as many are still unaware of this beautiful form!!

Christine who often visits Gurudwara and spends most of the time in Punjab says, “I can never give on Punjab. I hope i can settle down there and become an old punjabi/danish aunty hehe.” 

You are doing very well Christine and we hope you take this Indian dance form to a whole new level in your country!! You make us and our Country Proud and also reminds us of our beautiful culture  

Televisions World Wishes You Best of Luck For Your Future!! Keep Dancing and Spreading the Magic of your Dance all over!! 

Enjoy Her Videos!!