Miley Cyrus posts a disturbing selfie on Instagram.
Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus posted a disturbing selfie on Instagram.

Miley Cyrus posted a disturbing selfie on Instagram.

Hollywood star, Miley Cyrus recently posted a terrible selfie on Instagram of herself with blood dripping out out of her nose. The 22 year old singer, is seen wearing a turquoise hoodie, she captioned the picture,  “ew.”

In the image, blood was still dripping from her nose and also on her fingers, which she perhaps used to try to stop the bleeding. After that she posted another picture with “FaceTime Unavailable” message on it, showing a failed attempt to communicate over FaceTime. Miley captioned the image with, “Worst part of Muah dayyyy”.

Previously, the singer drew a lot of attention with a picture that showed her sitting in front of a table full of drug paraphernalia. In the same week, the actress shared her love for drugs through an Instagram photo showing her working on a studio while smoking a suspicious looking cigarette. She also posted a picture of a “My Little Pony” mug and a bong.

In the pictures, the ‘Wrecking Ball’ hitmmaker is seen wearing a unicorn onsie with a laptop on her lap. A table covered in what looks like cannabis, a packet of cigarette papers, a rolled up dollar bill and a vial of white powder was seen in front of her.

Miley’s family are concerned about her and has been trying to get her to the rehab, but the singer is in no mood to do so. There are reports that, “Miley said a lot of people have been trying to get her into rehab, but it’s not something that she’s interested in.”

As per the reports Miley Cyrus apparently told a magazine a while back that “ Hollywood is a ‘coke town,’ but that ‘weed is so much better’.”  She also said that she also like “Molly” which is a term used for the purest form of ecstasy and that they are both happy or social drugs. She said, “marijuana and ecstasy make you want to be with your friends, out in the open and not hidden in a bathroom”.