Mohammad Nazim- Laal Ishq means interesting and intense love saga!  

Being part of the show ‘Laal Ishq’ is extra special for actor Mohammad Nazim as he is playing a Muslim on screen for the first time. Talking about his character details, he says, “The name of the character is Saif. He is an educated and innocent guy. It feels great to play such a character. I have not played such a character in 10 years of my life,” he says.

The actor also adds that being part of a horror story is amazing. “It’s interesting as well as difficult to do a horror sequence. There are so many visual and sound effects. Sometimes we have to do unexpected things to take the audience by surprise. So, horror stories always come with a surprise for the audience. It’s amazing to work on such a concept,” he says.

In fact, a horror love story like Laal Ishq is doubly incredible, says the actor. “Laal Ishq means interesting and intense love saga. Sometimes we say ‘Ishq mei rang jaana, ishq ka rang laal’. So, it’s a kind of personification to portray the intensity of love,” he says.

Nazim loves working with his co-actor Srijita De. “It’s nice to work with her. I have worked with her earlier too. She is an amazing and very talented actor. Its always good to work with actors who give brilliant performances,” he says.