Monsoon fashion
Fashion trends for men this season

Monsoon Men’s Fashion

Monsoon Men’s Fashion

Men, it’s monsoon, time for a style check!

Bottoms : Let go of those tight , lame looking jeans and get a smart fit spandex or soft denim jeans for the season, something that doesn’t stick or give a fugly shape to your body. Even if it’s going to rain on you, get wet stylishly. The right fit matters, not too tight, not too straight fit.

Shirts/T-shirts : Thin textured, vibrant coloured shirts are the way to go , well vibrant doesn’t mean girly or neon colours that are too in the face, just the perfect amount of colour to brighten up a dull rainy day. Thin shirts and t-shirts dry easily and do not irk the skin when wet. Cool coloured windcheaters or raincoats are an awesome choice for a fab appearance.

Shoes : Waterproof and Synthetic ‘Loafers’, ‘flip flops’, Sneakers that are easy to dry. Team up comfort with fashion.

Hair : Monsoon’s don’t mean only frizzy and haywire hair, use hair packs and conditioners, a stylish haircut for the season and regular maintenance.

So, this was the Men’s guide for monsoon fashion, go fab not flimsy, get soaked but stylishly!