Movie Preview: Dildariyan
Movie Preview: Dildariyan

Movie Preview: Dildariyan

Movie Preview: Dildariyan

Dildariyan is an upcoming 2015 Punjabi romantic comedy film starring Aman Virk in a stellar role for the very first time. The film is produced by Babloo Bhatia and Satvinder Pal Singh and directed by Bittu Sandhu. It also stars Gauri Singh, Mushtaq Khan, Mohan Joshi, Bhotu Shah, Jagtar Jaggi and Feroz Khan and is scheduled to be released on 14th August, 2015.


The film is about Aman Virk, who is playing the role of a rich brat, son of an MLA who falls for Muskan (Gauri Singh), a small village girl. It is a family film completely based on Punjabi culture which showcases the problems faced by the couples in love living in Punjab. It also incorporates situational comedy by the college students, fight scenes and family drama.


Introducing – Aman Virk

Also starring – Gauri Singh, Mushtaq Khan, Mohan Joshi, Bhotu Shah, Jagtar Jaggi, Daljeet Shahi, Feroz Khan, Ramniq Sandhu, Santa Banta, Sunny Gill, Raghuveer Boli, Gagan Gill, Rajeev Agnish, Aman Jassal

Produced by: Babloo Bhatia, Satvinder Pal Singh, Narinder Singh Waraich

Directed by: Bittu Sandhu

Music Director: Gurmeet Singh, Bhinda Aujla, Desi Routz

Singers: Master Salim, Feroz Khan, Lembher Hussainpuri, Surinder Shinda, Desi Routz, Sonu Kakkar, Arti Gill, Jeet Khan

Lyrics: Bachan Bedil, Raju Jatana, Bittu Sandhu, Desi Routz

Background Music: Willii Sadhak

Sound Engineer: J.S. Cheema

Choreographers: Jot, Montu, Sam

Action: Singh is King

Re-Recording: Gopal (Cheema Studio)

Mixing: Cheema Studio

Screenplay: Bittu Sandhu

Editor: Prakash Jha, Sandeep Arora, Sunil Arora

Cinematography: Darshan Sidhu, J.S. Gora

Release: August 14, 2015

Country: India

Language: Punjabi


The film is made under Bhatia Film production. On April 13, 2013, Aman Virk joined the cast of the film. As it happens to be the first Punjabi film for the great Bollywood actors Mushtaq Khan and Mohan Joshi, few comedians of the Punjabi film industry like Bhotu Shah, Jagtar Jaggi, Raghuveer Boli, Gagan Gill also joined the film. On May 03, 2015, Bhatia Film production revealed the film’s final title to be Jattan Diya Dildariyan.


The musical score for Dildariyan is composed by Gurmeet Singh. One promotional track is composed by Desi Routz and a Punjabi cultural song is composed by Bhinda Aujla.


Dildariyan is shot in many natural and beautiful locations of Punjab as well as Himachal Pradesh. Various mountains, farms and village areas near Chandigarh, Nawanshahar, Ludhiana, Patiala, Una, Delhi, Mumbai etc. are shown in the film.