“Music videos are doing very well digitally & on other platforms” – Shehzad Deol

Shehzad Deol’s brand new romantic single ‘Hold My Hand’ is winning hearts and how for it’s beautiful lyrics, lovely concept and cute chemistry between Shehzad and Halina who are the lead pair in the song.

Working on releasing the song immediately post his Bigg Boss 14 stint, Shehzad felt that putting out the song right now was important as he wanted to keep the connection with his fans & wellwishers quite strong, and be a part of the music video genre once again which he personally feels is booming with traction and great reach.

Speaking about his thoughts on the music video space at the moment, Shehzad shares,”Though Punjabi music is pan -India, I have always wanted to get into the Punjabi music scene as it’s pretty big and prominent. Also right now, music videos are doing very well digitally and on other platforms, specially amongst the youth of today who have welcomed this genre very warmly. Punjabi music videos have also managed to carve a strong niche of their own, making the singers and songs very popular in this era, where we can so many Punjabi artists coming to the forefront with their music, which is honestly great! So yes I am happy that I was able to work on such a fun and romantic number which is already being so well received by the audiences.”