#NationalVegetarianDay: “You will feel the satisfaction of not killing someone,” says Gurucharan Singh

As he celebrates World Vegetarian Day, actor Gurucharan Singh talks about how maintaining a vegetarian diet helps him. “You will feel very energetic. You have the satisfaction of not killing anyone to serve your hunger as well,” says the actor, adding, “It is good to eat vegetables. It will make you look younger. Vegetables are very good for health.

Ask him if he has ever tasted a non-vegetarian dish, and he says, “Around 20 years back, I was a non-vegetarian. But when I saw the slaughtering of chicken at my cousin’s wedding, it affected me a lot emotionally. So, I stopped eating non-veg from that moment. I am happy being a vegetarian.

He loves everything in vegetarian food. “I have a craving for Paneer. Other than that, I love to eat everything even Bitter Gourd,” he says.

Ask him if he would like to convince others to eat vegetarian food as well, and he says, “I don’t think such as thing can be forced, it needs to come from within.