#NewsAlert: All is Not well with Zareen Khan, the actress slapped a man this time for bad behaviour

Actress Zareen Khan who was recently in the news as she was encountered with an accident in goa with a biker, the biker died on the spot and the case is still under investigation while Zareen also had some minor injuries.

This time Zareen Khan was in Aurangabad for a store launch, she was going towards her car and the fans mobbed her. Some of them also came so close that they started touching the actress inappropriately. Now, we all know how straightforward and strong Zareen Khan is, she will definitely not tolerate this type of nuisance as she slapped a man for this bad behaviour

The scene became so out of control for the cops that they had to do Lathi Charge. Well, the fans are crazy about their stars but they should understand that the craziness should not hurt someone. This is not the first time when a star is mobbed by the fans. There have been incidents in the past where the craziness of the fans gives an ugly side of the society