#NewsAlert #BB12: Jodis cannot accept the retaliation of the singles; results in agitation

The Samudri Lootere task in the Bigg Boss house is going on in full swing resulting in a fight that was never seen before; between the singles and the jodis. Yesterday, the jodis had to target the singles in order to win the golden ring by torturing them and making them leave the chair. Nehha and Karanvir did not give up and protected their golden rings whereas Srishty and Dipika couldn’t protect their rings.

Today, the task will be reversed leading to the singles torturing the jodis and winning the golden rings from them. The singles will target Somi, Jasleen, Shivashish, and Urvashi. They will be seen doing things as a retaliation in order to win the rings. The jodis will lose their calm and will be seen agitating at every point. They have even hidden certain goods in order to be safe from the tactics used by the singles.

Sabha on seeing her sister in distress will spill the powder on the floor in order to protect her from the torture. She will be also seen in a verbal banter with Dipika leading to call her ‘ghatiya‘.

And even the other jodis will be seen doing a verbal fight with Dipika.

Jasleen will give up her ring, Shivashish will end up in a heated argument.

Well, is this what we call Karma? Let us know your views in the comment’s section.