Night-Time Beauty Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Always!

Well, nothing can beat the feeling of hopping into your bed after a long busy day. But sometimes you do a few mistakes, which can affect your health. So, here are some night-time beauty mistakes you could be making and need to stop right now – so that you wake up to a fresher, more radiant you every morning.

1. Sleeping on Your Tummy

We know it’s impossible to sleep in one position all night long, but if you’re someone who sleeps on her stomach, then we have bad news for you. Lying on your front can cause puffiness around your eyes as well as pull the skin on your face, making you more prone to wrinkles.

2. Tying Your Hair Too Tight

If you like sleeping with your hair off your face, make sure you pull your locks back loosely. Tying your hair back too tight can damage your strands, weaken the roots and even wreak havoc on your hairline. Make sure that you loose your braid/bun tonight before hitting the sack.

3. Forgetting to Wash Your Face

Sleeping with your makeup on can clog your pores, cause breakouts and leave your complexion looking dull. Cleansing your face and removing even the tiniest trace of makeup is a cardinal rule to follow before you even think about going to sleep.

4. Intake of water

No, we don’t mean downing litres of water before bed – we don’t want you running to the loo through the night! – but a glass or two 20 minutes before you hit the bed is essential to flush out toxins and keep you hydrated for the next several hours.

5. Skipping the Moisturizing Process

It’s important to keep your skin hydrated. So, don’t forget to apply body lotion, hand cream and moisturizer on your face before you plan to snooze! Air conditioners can zap your skin of moisture while you sleep, leaving it dry, so never forget to keep it moisturized in order to avoid wrinkles and signs of skin ageing.