Nishant is very hardworking, I feel he will go until the finale: Paras Kalnawat

Be it donning a bikini top, or giving it all while defending his team, or hailing “Jai Shri Ram” after winning a task, Nishant Singh Malkhani has had his moments in the reality show “Bigg Boss”. His good friend and actor Paras Kalnawat is quite happy with his performance in the first two weeks and feels that he has the potential to go until the finale.

The “Anupamaa” actor shared that the two of them met at an acting school, and they even live in the same building. He further said, “I found him a very hardworking guy. I have seen him work hard on his body. During the lockdown, the gyms were closed, but I always found him working out. He also used to guide me. He is a very genuine and humble person. If he is good with someone, he will be the same, and he won’t change.”

“I believe Nishant will go until the finale because he is one of the strongest contestants. And he is someone who will never support anything wrong and will always raise his voice,” he added.

In the first week, Nishant was asked to wear a bikini top over his t-shirt to get the “approved” tag in the “Bigg Boss” house, and he said “yes” to it without giving it a second thought. Everyone in the house appreciated him for his quick decision. Even Paras praised him for promptly accepting the task, and asserted that Nishant turned the table around in the second week.

He said, “When Nishant was given that bikini task, he said ‘I will do it’ without even giving it a thought. I find it quite sporting, and that’s what is required in the house. Being visible or not being visible, and what they show in 24 hours depends entirely on the content, but in the second week, I think Nishant did amazing. He was too good. In the first week even I thought why are they not showing Nishant, but I think in the second week he reciprocated.”

Talking about the “Ram Milaayi Jodi” actor’s strengths and weaknesses, he said, “I believe his weakness is that he won’t be able to accept fake people around him. If someone is fake, it will irritate him a lot. But if someone is loyal to him, he will do anything for that person. Whatever friends he is making inside the house, they will remain his friends for life. I think his friendly nature is his strength.”

Paras is an ardent follower of “Bigg Boss” and feels Sidharth Shukla is the most reasonable and impartial senior in the show.

“I am following it and watching it every day. I feel Sidharth Shukla as a senior is fair, but according to me Gauahar Khan and Hina Khan are a little biased, which we saw in a task also. It’s not fair for seniors to get involved in a game because earlier people used to play their own game, but in this season I see the seniors guiding the contestants and giving them tips. I feel if they want to do that, then they need to be fair with everyone in the game. If they want to help someone or give tips to someone, then they should do that with everyone,” he said.

Paras, however, wishes to see ex-contestant and “Bigg Boss 8” winner Gautam Gulati in the house, and said, “I would like to see him as a senior. If that can happen, then I am sure he will increase the entertainment quotient of the show. Or else maybe someone’s ex to create some drama and spice it up a bit.”