OMG! A Fan Died Outside Ajay Devgn’s House; Recalls The Raid Actor

Fans go all out to make their stars feel special. In one such endeavor a fan who left his house in love for Ajay Devgn lost his life in front of the actor’s house.

Remembering the sad incident, Ajay Devgn recollects, “I don’t remember the year it happened but I can recollect very well how a fan started living in front of my house. That was a 17 year old boy, he left his house and was spotted living right in front of my home in Mumbai.”

The Golmaal actor tried to rescue the kid by conditioning him to go back to his routine life, but all in vain. “I also informed his parents his where abouts. One day they arrived and took him away. I was surprised to see this boy back to the place after a few days. This is when I informed the police who took action immediately and arrested him. Once they left him, he was back to the very place,” says Ajay.

The entire incident left Devgn with a scar as the young boy’s story had a tragic end. He says, “When nothing worked we started sending food for the boy through our watchman. However, one morning when I woke up, he was dead.”
Well being a actor not an easy task, what you guys think??
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