OMG! Did you ever heard something about The Blue Dragon (Glaucus atlanticus)!

The Glaucus atlanticus is an animal that belongs to the ocean-dwelling group known as nudibranchs sometimes thought of as an ‘unusual’ groups of molluscs. Molluscs have muscular feet and rhinophores, the term for their tentacles. What is noticeably different about the Blue Glaucus and other nudibranchs compared to many molluscs is that they do not have shells. 

The Blue Sea Slug has adapted physically to suit its needs. One amazing adaptation is the sac located in its stomach which is filled with gas, helping it stay afloat. It is among the Blue Glaucus’s most important attributes, bearing in mind the fact that drifting among the ocean’s waves is its only real form of transportation. The Sea Swallow also feeds on animals with deadly nematocysts (that is, stinging cells) and some of these are dangerous suckers too.

Credits: Environmental graffiti