#OMG: ‘Zindagi Ki Mehek’ Samiksha Jaiswal gets hospitalized!

The actors are always working hard to entertain the audience and give the good and interesting chemistry between the characters of the show. Where they all are trying hard in this heated summer and still manage to give their possible shots. 

And when it’s come to the outdoor shooting in this heat up summer, it will be so hard to perform while sometimes it may affected to the health of an actor. 

Recently, one of the actress of show Zindagi Ki Mehek, Samiksha Jaiswal who gets hospitalized during the shoots, but this time it’s not because of summer but because of food poising.  The actress was rushed to hospital yesterday and has been suggested to take rest for few days. 

She will back on shooting once she will be absolutely fit and fine. 

Well, we wish a speedy recovery to Samiksha Jaiswal!