“Partner at first sight,” Rahul Sharma on Aparna Dixit

Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi is beautiful love story on Dangal TV, that has been winning hearts across the country. The show has its fan following increasing with each passing day because of the cute chemistry between Srishti aka Aparna Dixit and Sarthak aka Rahul Sharma.
In a recent conversation between the two leads of the show, Rahul recalls how he first met Aparna. While narrating the incident, he smirks and tells them that it was right at the mock shoot where they first interacted with each other.
Recollecting how things panned out Rahul Sharma said, “We were asked to do the mock shoot together and that is where the journey began. I tried to help her and gave her a few tips about acting and how to pull the role off.” While receiving inputs from me, who was a stranger back then, Aparna was taken aback and said, “Mujhe toh aap bade oversmart type ke lagte ho”, (You seem to be the over smart kind).
Quick to react and ease out the situation, Rahul said “You didn’t notice what I said later though, I told you that I only wanted you to do the role and that is why I helped.” He went on to say “Mujhe tab hi pata tha ki, yeh mamla hit hoga” (I knew it at that instance, this would turn out to be a hit).
And that’s the sweet tale of how our favorite Srishti and Sarthak’s first met and interacted with each other.
Clearly Rahul’s sixth sense/intuition was bang on, as the onscreen couple is one of the most loved by the audience.
Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi airs on Dangal TV.