Parul Chauhan, who is currently seen in Rajan Shahi’s Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, is all set to tie the knot on 12th December!

How excited you are for D day? What are the preparations going on currently? How many days you are you taking off from work?

Of course, I am very excited! Every girl is waiting for this day in her life, so my dream is coming true. The kind of a guy I was looking for is going to be in my life forever so I am very happy and thank god that I got holidays for days more than I expected. I initially felt that I didn’t need so many holidays, but now I feel that I really needed it because there is so much work to do.

Share the elaborate events of your wedding from Sangeet to reception…

We are doing Haldi and Mehndi one day before the wedding. On that day only my close friends and family will be present, on 12th December we have our marriage in the morning and after that, we will go for court marriage at ISKCON temple in town and later in the evening we plan to go to siddhivinayak temple. The reception will be on 16th Dec Lakhimpur. I have selected that place because it was not possible for all my relatives to come here. That particular get-together will have all my friends and all my family members. As for the reception in Mumbai, it is yet to be planned.

What kind of attire you will be opting for your sangeet, mehendi, wedding and reception. Will you coordinate with Chirag? Please share his wedding attire if possible…

For mehndi and haldi, my designer had suggested something and has made that attire for me, so she has done my outfit for that day. There is a ritual, where we have to wear sari give by our mama(maternal uncle), so I will be wearing a red banarsi sari. I have given gold jewellery for that and simple hairstyle with lots of gajra, like a proper Indian bride. Chirag is going to wear sherwani with safa and I really liked it.

Life is not going to be the same post-wedding, what do you feel will be the major changes? How will you manage the new things in life?

I will try and manage everything as life won’t be the same as before, but the plus point here is not just that I know Chirag from 3 years but I also know his family from 2 years, 11 months so lots of things are easy for me. I know everyone’s nature, I know everyone’s routine and the family is so good that everyone supports me.

How will you define Chirag Thakkar as your life partner? What do you like about him most?

I cannot explain or define this because If a person has so many good qualities I have no idea how can I explain it. He is a very good person by heart, cares a lot for me, he gets attached easily and the most important point is that he really respects each and every woman, so I love that thing the most about him.

Any special gift you have planned for Chirag please share.

I have planned a special surprise gift which I will give him on the reception day and I have planned to do something special for him which he will get to know on that day itself.

What are the plans for a honeymoon?

Honeymoon planning is pending but I have taken off near New year so we are going out, but nothing is planned as of now.

How many days break you are taking from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai…

7 days and then again 7 to 8 for my honeymoon.

Why did you chose iskon for the wedding?

I have chosen Iskcon temple because it is so peaceful there and in our family my mother-in- law is a very big devotee of Lord Krishna so when we were thinking about picking a temple she asked us if we could try and get a Krishna-Laxmi Narayan temple, so then we found this ISKCON temple. If we had to get married by doing proper ‘ferey’ and all we would have to get the whole family here which was not possible in a short notice.