People prioritize marketing value over talent today: Sanjay Gandhi

Actor Sanjay Gandhi says that today makers want to choose you for projects based on the buzz you create rather than your talent. The actor hopes that this trend changes. “They see your marketing value and don’t consider talent as a first priority. But talent should be considered as the first priority. Things have to be drastically changed. I request people that before casting anybody, go through his or her track record and experience,” he says.

Ask him whose track record inspires him the most, and he says, “Rajesh Khanna has inspired me because of his work. I have most of his films and he has done such great work. I have also spent a lot of quality time with him. He has given me so many tips on how to survive in the city and in Bollywood. He would always tell me that what not to do is more important than what to do.”