Picture perfect Selfie!!..
Picture perfect Selfie!!..

Picture perfect Selfie!!..

Picture perfect Selfie!!..

Allan Dixon, a photographer from Ireland has caught the world’s eye with some cool selfies of his. Apparently he seems to befriend every animal he meets and they end up clicking a happy perfect pictures of their friendship. 

When asked upon how does he manage to get these kick ass adorable cute pictures he says, ”One selfie can take between five minutes to three hours. It depends on the animal and how safe it feels. Luckily, what the photos don’t show is the amount of dirt I got on me while rolling around on the ground just to take the photos. But the results were worth it”!..

Allan also gives some advice if you want to try clicking such cool selfies- “do not provoke the animal, be calm and gain the animal’s trust. But first of all, make sure it’s not a crocodile.”

Check out some of his cool pictures below.

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