Pishachini to create trouble for Divya-Drishti

Star Plus’ recently launched supernatural show, Divya Drishti is going pretty well with the audiences, starring Sana Sayyad (Drishti) and Nyra Banerjee (Divya) in the title roles has fairly done well to hook the audience. In the coming episodes, Pishachini (Sangita Ghosh) will create a trap to unveil Divya and Drishti’s truth.

Using her magical powers Pishachini brings a storm at the engagement ceremony of Rakshit and Lavanya. Drishti who can see the future will sense this trouble, while Divya who can move things here and there will help people trapped in the storm by moving the falling pillars. Pishachini will realize that Divya is using her powers and will make an attempt to catch her.

Will Pishachini catch Divya and Drishti, is definitely a grooving question of the week. Till then, stay tuned!