Piyush Nagar to produce “My First Love.”

Piyush Nagar is all set to produce a series based on cars. It focuses on the life of a man who is passionate about luxurious cars.

“I feel it’s time for something new to be introduced to the digital screens, and my passion for cars made me sure about producing a show on cars. I feel it will be the first time we will see a full-fledged car show. We are sure it is going to be interesting and something out of the box for our audiences,” Piyush said in a statement.

‘I feel it is the right time to bring this new project. We need a break from the same old topics. We need something really creative for our young generation. Surely, a car series will make a huge buzz. It will help me connect to the people who are passionate about cars like me. I have used my own cars like Ferrari, Range Rover, Bentley, and Rolls Royce, and a private jet in the shoots,’ he added.

The series will be named My First Love. It will be released later this month.