Piyush Sahdev turns lean

Actor Piyush Sahdev has been always particular about his fitness. Recently the actor has lost few more kilos and now he is leaner than before. He says, “I am a person who likes to keep on experimenting with my look. I remember just before Beyhadh I was 108 kilos and after transformation I came down to 70 kilos. After that I was travelling and hence I had gained weight.”

This time I wanted to try this look which is not very lean and not very muscular too. I wanted to keep a balance between the two and I have got the result in 37 days, I lost 10 kilos. Currently my weight is 80. I have stopped carbs and also stopped taking sugar and salt. I have realised time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted,” adds Piyush.

Since my childhood I have a habit of achieving things which I wanted and this time also I proved myself. Good health is extremely precious to me. I have got my six packs abs with lot of hard work,” concludes Sahdev.

Well Piyush you are looking quite a hottie and we hope to see you back on TV!