Piyush Sahdev’s grateful to reach his fitness goal this birthday

Actor Piyush Sahdev, who will turn a year older soon, has planned to be with his family and friends on his birthday. The actor says that he always takes this day to reflect on his life and be grateful for all that he has. “I’m a very peaceful person who likes to be in my space. So, on this day, I prefer being with family and close friends and look at the year and thank God for whatever I have,” he says.

Ask him what he plans to gift himself, and he says, “I am already in the process of gifting myself. I had a target of achieving a certain fitness level and I am very close to it, touch wood!”

For the actor, turning a year older is not something to worry about. “Age is just a number for me. All that is important is keeping yourself fit, so you can make a deadly combination of a man who’s mature as well as hot,” he says