“Planet Marathi” playing important role to promote the culture and language

Maharashtra has became a popular developed state in India and all thanks to dream city Mumbai, where not only Indians but from around the globe people want to shift here and bring their dreams come true. Mahararstra and its culture is wide spread around and “Planet Marathi” is playing important role. Today the founder of “Planet Marathi” Mr. Akshay Bardapurkar spoke to media about the language, its history and culture.

“Marathi is the language spoken primarily by the native people of Maharashtra, a state of Indian sub continent. There are about 90 million people who speak Marathi worldwide. It is the oldest of the Indo-Aryan regional languages. It is thought to be approximately 1300 years old and it is considered that this language evolved from Sanskrit and Prakrit (a group of languages spoken in ancient India), and its syntax and grammar, from Pali. Three Prakrit languages, simpler in structure, emerged from Sanskrit. These were Saurseni, Magadhi and Maharashtri,” the founder of Planet Marathi said while introducing the language globally.

He also pointed the language as “Descendent”

He says, “Marathi is said to be a descendent of Maharashtri which was the Prakrit spoken by people residing in the region of Maharashtra. It was an official language of the Satavahana Empire. It had risen to a high literary level, and the literary works like Karpurmanjari and Saptashati written in 150 BC speak volumes of the high profile it held. Maharashtri Prakrit was the most widely used Prakrit language in western and southern India, spoken from Malwa and Rajputana in the north to Krishna and Tungabhadra in the south. Today’s Marathi-speaking and Kannada- speaking parts of India spoke Maharashtri Prakrit for centuries. Maharashtri Prakrit was widely spoken in India till 875 AD.”

Planet Marathi has earlier produced many chat shows with popular celebrities and political leaders.