Play Welcome Zindagi on 17th March

Welcome Zindagi Center around the lead character Ashutosh a retiring government servant and his family including Indu his wife, Setu his daughter and Aayush his son. Being a miser and old fashioned Ashutosh never paid any attention to his family’s needs proclaiming it to do it once gets retirement.
Time and Tide waits for none and so with the hero of our play. Yamraj comes personally to take him away on the same day of his retirement. Aashutosh is found dumbstruck as he had lots to do in his kitty.
He asks Yamraj for 30 days to complete all his duties towards his family. There starts the emotion commotion and the comedy of life.
Will Yamraj grants him his last wish? Will he be able to complete all his duties? Will he be satisfied ?
The Comical play will take you to the journey of fun, laughter and emotions.
We always believe in pursuing our dreams tomorrow, we mostly procrastinate and forget to live today with humour this play makes you realise the importance of this very moment…
Welcome Zindagi ….
Live each moment the way it comes and accept the happiness or sadness for this very moment …
Welcome Zindagi this very moment.
17th march Sunday , 7 pm NCPA TATA, Nariman point