Pope Francis joins Instagram!

Pope Francis joins Instagram and his username is Franciscus, Latin for Francis.

Yes, you heard it right. After Twitter, he has decided to get onto Instagram. The 79 year old posted his first photo saying “Pray for me”. His first photo is also his profile picture.

Instagram CEO expressed his gratitude by uploading a photo of him shaking Pope’s hand with the caption “Watching Pope Francis post his first photo to Instagram today was an incredible moment”.
Mark Zuckerberg, who owns Instagram, says, “No matter what faith you practice, we can all be inspired by Pope Francis’s humility and compassion. I’m looking forward to following the Pope—and watching him continuing sharing his message of mercy, equality and justice with the world”.

The social media department of the Secretariat for Communications will be responsible for the management of the Pope’s Instagram account, which will post not only photos but also short videos.

The Pope already has over 10 million followers on Twitter, both in English and Spanish accounts.