Preity Zinta lashes out at a journalist

Preity Zinta lashes out at a journalist

Preity Zinta lashes out at a journalist

The dimpled babe Preity Zinta is an angry woman these days. The reason is, everywhere the actress goes for her Indian Premiere League team’s promotions she’s being questioned about Ness Wadia. Ness and Preity might not be on friendly terms any more, but they together continue to own Indian Premiere League team.

The paparazzi wanted to find out what’s cooking in this hot pot of Ness – Preity controversy. After Preity filed a molestation case against the Wadia last year, reporters wanted to know if the matter has been resolved between the two parties. With the matter being subjudice none of the parties will discuss the Wankede stadium episode.

However, the paparazzi wanted to find out how two ex-flames will work together in the upcoming season of IPL. So, when Preity was asked at the Kings XI Punjab(KXIP) promotional event about Ness, she seemed visibly upset and burst out in anger, “Why do you have to ruin it (event); why do you want to ruin everything? What happens on the ground is different from what happens off it. I will really appreciate if the media didn’t make a big deal out of it.”

This was not for the first time that the actress splintered a media person for questioning about Ness. During the IPL 8 auctions this year, the actress shared a table with her KXIP partner, which obviously puzzled the onlookers. One of the reporter asked Preity about this and she said to have thrown a fit. She said, “Why don’t you ask him (Ness Wadia) why he came and sat next to me? What did you want me to do, cut the table into two halves? Kings XI Punjab is my team and I’ve given everything, my hard-earned money. I gave up on my film career to be part of this.”

She also added, “What happened between me and Ness was unfortunate. But the franchise is my baby and there’s no question of me cutting of my involvement with it.”

Well, if you do not want to piss off this miss then keep all the Ness-mess at bay.